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There are many who want to set up their own stream on Twitch. It may be a bit hard to get started. Therefore, we have created a guide and example of how you can set up your own stream. This guide is made for a normal gaming machine, not two machines that many of the most famous streamers often use. The whole thing becomes a more complex setup if so.

Open Broadcaster Software

To get started streaming you need a streaming software and a Twitch account.

Initially, you can download Open Broadcaster Software which is free.

Run installation by clicking ahead without changing anything.

Start the software after installation. Choose no to run the wizard.

Rename the scene you want to run. I’m going to set up stream for Overwatch and therefore call my stage Overwatch.

Start the game you want to stream. Then run an ALT + TAB. It doesn’t matter if it runs the game in Window Mode or Fullscreen.

You will now be able to see a preview of your Overwatch stream shown in this example.

Since OBS Studio is so flexible, “Game Capture” is not your only option. You can also stream the entire desktop instead of just a single application.

Branding your stream

If you want you can add a logo to your stream to make it look a bit more professional.
Click + on Sources and “image”.






If you want to reduce the logo, you can do it in the red frame that comes around the logo.

Stream on Twitch

Twitch setup is reasonably easy to get to. Log in to your Twitch account or create a new one.

In your OBS Client: Click File – Settings – Stream

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