WOW Classic – professions guide

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Til sammen er det 12 professions. Du kan lære deg 2 samtidig på en character og 3stk sekundære professions.

Det er 5 levler i professions:

Må være level 5.
Skill level: 1-50.

Må være level 10.
Journeyman level kan trenes når du når 50 skill.
Skill level: 50-125

Må være level 20.
Expert level skill kan trenes når du når 125 skill.
Skill level: 125-200

Må være level 35 på din character for å trene Artisan.
Artisan level skill kan trenes når du er 200 skill.
Skill level: 200-300


Du kan lære TBC Tailoring fra Master tailor trenerne i Hellfire Peninsula


You can learn 2 of the primary professions at a time on a single character.


There are two types of primary professions: Crafting and Gathering.


Crafting: Can create gear and items that fits your character or you can sell them on auction house.

Gathering: Makes you gather many of the materials/resources you need to craft.


Total materials needed:
60 x Peacebloom
60 x Silverleaf
80 x Briarthorn
30 x Bruiseweed
15 x Mageroyal
40 x Stranglekelp
30 x Liferoot
30 x Kingsblood
45 x Goldthorn
5 x Wild Steelbloom
70 x Sungrass
15 x Khadgar's Whisker
20 x Arthas' Tears
40 x Blindweed
40 x Golden Sansam
20 x Mountain Silversage
75 x Empty Vial
75 x Leaded Vial
90 x Tainted Vial

Alchemy trainers

AinethilDarnassusBena WinterhoofThunder Bluff
Cyndra KindwhisperDolanaar, TeldrassilCarolai AniseBrill, Tirisfal Glades
Ghak HealtouchThelsamar, Loch ModanMiao'zanSen'jin Village, Durotar
Kylanna WindwhisperFeathermoon Stronghold, FeralasRogvarStonard, Swamp of Sorrows
KylannaAshenvaleDoctor Herbert HalseyThe Apothecarium, Undercity
Lilyssia NightbreezeMage Quarter, StormwindSerge HinottTarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills
Tally BerryfizzTinker Town, IronforgeYelmakThe Drag, Orgrimmar
Alchemist MalloryGoldshire, Elwynn Forest


59 x Minor healing Potion

Don’t sell them afterwards. You will need them for the next potions.

60 – 110

50 x Lesser Healing Potion

110 – 140

30 x Healing Potion


15 x Lesser Mana Potion

Total materials needed:

Her er en liste over hvor mye materialer du sannsynligvis trenger.

Total materials needed:
160 x Linen Cloth
180 x Wool Cloth
760 x Silk Cloth
500 x Mageweave Cloth
900 x Runecloth
90 x Rugged Leather
45 x Coarse Thread
115 x Fine Thread
35 x Silken Thread
60 x Heavy Silken Thread
40 x Rune Thread
5 x Gray Dye
30 x Blue Dye
10 x Bleach
65 x Red Dye


You can learn all 3 of the secondary professions at a time on a single character.