SHODAN’s here to creep you out in System Shock 3’s latest trailer


SHODAN is back to taunt and torment you in the latest gameplay reveal for System Shock 3. The footage is listed as pre-alpha, but it shows that the realm and the ruler of a 20-year-old classic is coming along quite nicely for more modern hardware.

In it, we see a motion-capture animated SHODAN, a look that excited fans and shows some strong progress over OtherSide Entertainment’s last trailer, a brief teaser from GDC 2019.

Warren Spector, the celebrated pioneer of narrative game design, returns to the franchise he founded for System Shock 3’s development. But System Shock 3, announced at the end of 2015, still doesn’t have a launch window. Presumably OtherSide is still looking for a publishing partner, although the studio said it has the means to self-publish System Shock 3 if one isn’t found.

OtherSide bought back the publishing rights from financially troubled Starbreeze in February. Starbreeze’s prior involvement had meant the game would be ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but now it is only listed for a Windows PC release.


september, 2019

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