HeroLevel 10Level 15Level 20Level 25
Abaddon icon.pngAbaddon+25% XP Gain+75 Mist Coil Heal/Damage+90 Damage+25% Curse of Avernus MS/AS Slow
+25 Movement Speed+8 Armor20% Cooldown Reduction+225 Aphotic Shield Health
Alchemist icon.pngAlchemist-8s Unstable Concoction Cooldown+50 Damage+400 Unstable Concoction Damage+30 Chemical Rage Regeneration
+25 Attack Speed+400 Health+30% Cleave-0.2 Chemical Rage Base Attack Time
Ancient Apparition icon.pngAncient Apparition+10% Spell Amplification+20 Health Regen+80 Chilling Touch Damage+4% Ice Blast Kill Threshold
+90 Gold/Min-2.5s Ice Vortex Cooldown+8% Ice Vortex Slow/Resistance900 AoE Cold Feet
Anti-Mage icon.pngAnti-Mage+20 Attack Speed+15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility-2.5s Blink Cooldown-50s Mana Void Cooldown
+10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+400 Blink Cast Range Blink Uncontrollable Illusion+25% Spell Shield
Arc Warden icon.pngArc Warden+25 Attack Speed+400 Flux Cast Range+125 Attack Range+350 Spark Wraith Damage
8% Cooldown Reduction+350 Health-1.5s Spark Wraith Cooldown30% Lifesteal
Axe icon.pngAxe+40 Attack Speed+40 Movement SpeedAttacking Procs Counter Helix+120 Battle Hunger DPS
+8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+3 Mana Regen+20 Health Regen+100 Berserker’s Call AoE
Bane icon.pngBane+100 Cast Range+40% XP Gain+65 Movement Speed+7s Fiend’s Grip Duration
+6 Armor Enfeeble Steals Damage+100 Enfeeble Damage Reduction+250 Brain Sap Damage/Heal
Batrider icon.pngBatrider+5 Armor+300 Health+50 Movement Speed-13s Flamebreak Cooldown
+6% Spell Amplification+2s Flamebreak Burn Duration15% Cooldown Reduction+8s Firefly Duration
Beastmaster icon.pngBeastmaster+20 Movement Speed+40 Beastmaster Boar icon.png Boar Damage+500 Health+2 Unknown Unit icon.png Hawks Summoned
+25% XP Gain+6 Armor+80 Wild Axes Damage+40 Inner Beast Attack Speed
Bloodseeker icon.pngBloodseeker+6 Armor+75 Blood Rite Damage25% Lifesteal+20 Max Thirst MS and Damage
+25 Attack Speed+275 Health+18% Rupture Damage-6s Blood Rite Cooldown
Bounty Hunter icon.pngBounty Hunter+25% XP Gain+350 Health+125% Jinada Critical Strike+300 Track Gold
+25 Movement Speed+50 Attack Speed+75 Shuriken Toss Damage50% Evasion
Brewmaster icon.pngBrewmaster+200 Health+20% Magic Resistance+100 Attack Speed+15% Drunken Brawler Chance
+30 Damage+3s Thunder Clap Slow+1500 Health to Primal Split Units-65s Primal Split Cooldown
Bristleback icon.pngBristleback+2 Mana Regen+6 Max Goo Stacks+25 Quill Stack Damage+30 Warpath Damage Per Stack
+20 Movement Speed+250 Health+20 Health Regen15% Spell Lifesteal
Broodmother icon.pngBroodmother+200 Health+35% XP Gain+50 Attack Speed+350 Spiders Health
+75 Spawn Spiderlings Damage20% Cooldown Reduction+20 Spiders Attack Damage+60 Insatiable Hunger Damage/Lifesteal
Centaur Warrunner icon.pngCentaur Warrunner+10% Magic Resistance+15% Return Strength Damage+20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+1.5s Hoof Stomp Duration
10% Evasion+75 Damage+300 Double Edge DamageGains Return Aura
Chaos Knight icon.pngChaos Knight+20 Movement Speed12% Cooldown Reduction Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immune+2 Max Chaos Bolt Duration
+5 All Stats+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+150 Gold/Min-7 Reality Rift Armor Reduction
Chen icon.pngChen+200 Cast Range-10s Test of Faith Cooldown+1000 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health+400 Hand of God Heal
+35% XP Gain+7 Armor+180 Gold/Min+4 Holy Persuasion Max Units
Clinkz icon.pngClinkz+5 Armor+30 Searing Arrows Damage+20 Health Regen Searing Arrows Multishot
+12% Magic Resistance20% Evasion+100 Attack Range+4s Strafe Duration
Clockwerk icon.pngClockwerk+20 Movement Speed+30 Battery Assault Damage+125 Rocket Flare Damage-0.3s Battery Assault Interval
+5 Armor+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+20% Magic Resistance Rocket Flare True Sight
Crystal Maiden icon.pngCrystal Maiden+100 Cast Range+150 Gold/Min+60 Freezing Field Damage+300 Crystal Nova Damage
+250 Health+14% Manacost/Manaloss Reduction Aura+250 Attack Speed+1.5s Frostbite Duration
Dark Seer icon.pngDark Seer+90 Damage+75 Vacuum AoE400 AoE Surge+150 Ion Shell Damage
12% Evasion+12 Health Regen15% Cooldown ReductionParallel Wall
Dark Willow icon.pngDark Willow+125 Cast Range+35 Movement Speed+300 Shadow Realm Max Damage+1.5 Terrorize Duration
+30 Damage+90 Gold/Min10% Spell Lifesteal+200 Attack Speed
Dazzle icon.pngDazzle+200 Health+20 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage+45 Poison Touch DPS+0.5 Weave Armor Per Second
+75 Damage+125 Cast Range+50 Movement Speed-4s Shadow Wave Cooldown
Death Prophet icon.pngDeath Prophet+12% Magic Resistance+150 Cast Range-2s Crypt Swarm Cooldown+8 Exorcism Spirits
+40 Damage+1% Max Health Spirit Siphon+500 Health Exorcism Grants Haste
Disruptor icon.pngDisruptor+40 Thunder Strike Damage-3s Kinetic Field Cooldown+4 Thunder Strike Hits+4s Kinetic Field Duration
+200 Health+150 Cast Range+180 Gold/Min-10s Glimpse Cooldown
Doom icon.pngDoom+16% Scorched Earth Movement Speed+150 Devour Bonus Gold Devour Can Target Ancients+100% Cleave
+10 Scorched Earth Damage/Heal20% Evasion+40 Doom DPS+3% Infernal Blade Damage
Dragon Knight icon.pngDragon Knight-20% Breathe Fire Damage Reduction+300 Health2x Dragon Blood HP Regen/Armor+1.75s Dragon Tail
+2 Mana Regen+30 Damage+150 Gold/Min+40 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
Drow Ranger icon.pngDrow Ranger+5 All Stats+550 Gust Distance/Knockback+3s Gust Silence Duration50% Cooldown Reduction
+20 Movement Speed+25 Attack Speed+20 Marksmanship Agility+20% Precision Aura Damage
Earth Spirit icon.pngEarth Spirit+40 Damage+200 Rolling Boulder Damage+150 Gold/Min+1.0s Boulder Smash Stun Duration
+10 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence+7 Armor+15% Spell Amplification Geomagnetic Grip Targets Allies
Earthshaker icon.pngEarthshaker+250 Mana+7 Armor+400 Fissure Range-2s Enchant Totem Cooldown
+30 Damage+30 Movement Speed+50 Echo Damage+50% Magic Resistance
Elder Titan icon.pngElder Titan+200 Health+30 Astral Spirit Hero Attack+100 Echo Stomp Damage100% Lifesteal
+25 Movement Speed+15% Magic Resistance+70 Attack Speed-75s Earth Splitter Cooldown
Ember Spirit icon.pngEmber Spirit+200 Flame Guard Absorption+1s Searing ChainsTrue Strike-25 Remnant Charge Restore Time
+25 Damage+50 Flame Guard DPS+10% Spell Amplification2 Sleight of Fist Charges
Enchantress icon.pngEnchantress+25 Movement Speed+8 Nature’s Attendants Wisps Enchant Affects Ancients+25 Nature’s Attendants Heal
+15% Magic Resistance+50 Damage+100 Untouchable Slow+8% Impetus Damage
Enigma icon.pngEnigma+15% Magic Resistance+150 Gold/Min+70 Enigma Eidolon icon.png Eidolon Damage+8 Demonic Conversion Enigma Eidolon icon.png Eidolons
+25 Movement Speed15% Cooldown Reduction+500 Health+5 Malefice Instance
Faceless Void icon.pngFaceless Void+8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+300 Health+500 Time Walk Cast Range+175 Chronosphere AoE
+20 Damage+100 Time Lock Damage+40 Attack Speed+25% Backtrack
Gyrocopter icon.pngGyrocopter+200 Health+11 Rocket Barrage Damage-25s Call Down CooldownGlobal Call Down
+20 Damage+0.5s Homing Missile Stun Duration+40 Movement Speed3 Homing Missile Charges
Huskar icon.pngHuskar+20 Damage15% Lifesteal+400 Life Break Cast Range Burning Spears Pure Damage
+175 Health+10 Burning Spears DPS+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+150 Attack Range
Invoker icon.pngInvoker+30 Chaos Meteor Contact Damage-12s Cold Snap Cooldown+35 Alacrity Damage/Speed-16s Tornado Cooldown
+1.25s Tornado Lift Time+1 Invoker Forged Spirit icon.png Forged Spirit Summoned CataclysmRadial Deafening Blast
Io icon.pngIo+45 Damage Tether Grants Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Scepter Bonus+15 Health RegenAttack Tethered Ally’s Target
+25% XP Gain+75 Spirits Hero Damage+150 Gold/Min-60s Relocate Cooldown
Jakiro icon.pngJakiro+8% Spell Amplification+40 Dual Breath Burn Damage+150 Gold/Min+1.25s Ice Path Duration
+30% XP Gain+300 Attack Range-60 Liquid Fire Attack Speed Macropyre Pure and Pierces Immunity
Juggernaut icon.pngJuggernaut+20 Movement Speed+25 Attack Speed+100 Blade Fury DPS+5 Omnislash Strikes
+5 All Stats+1s Blade Fury+10 Armor+600 Health
Keeper of the Light icon.pngKeeper of the Light+25 Movement Speed+350 Cast Range+300 Chakra Magic Mana+200 Illuminate Damage/Heal
8% Spell Lifesteal+40% XP Gain+40% Magic Resistance+2s Mana Leak Stun
Kunkka icon.pngKunkka+6 Armor+120 Torrent Damage+25 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength-1.5s Tidebringer Cooldown
+40 Damage+10 Health Regen+100 Torrent AoE Ghostship Fleet
Legion Commander icon.pngLegion Commander+25% XP Gain+50 Overwhelming Odds Hero Damage+10% Moment Proc Chance-10s Press the Attack Cooldown
+8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+30 Attack Speed+50 Movement Speed+40 Duel Damage Bonus
Leshrac icon.pngLeshrac+250 Mana+30 Movement Speed+50 Pulse Nova Damage+3s Lightning Storm Slow Duration
+5 Armor+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength25% Evasion+50 Diabolic Edict Explosions
Lich icon.pngLich+25 Movement Speed-4s Frost Blast Cooldown+180 Gold/MinAttacks Apply 40% MS and AS Slow
+200 Health+120 Damage+175 Cast Range Ice Armor Provides +30 HP Regen
Lifestealer icon.pngLifestealer+20 Attack Speed+30 Movement Speed+50% Open Wounds Lifesteal+2s Rage Duration
+200 Health+30 Damage20% Evasion+2% Feast Damage/Lifesteal
Lina icon.pngLina+125 Cast Range+140 Light Strike Array Damage+25/2% Fiery Soul Per Stack+175 Attack Range
+30 Damage+350 Health+12% Spell Amplification-6s Dragon Slave Cooldown
Lion icon.pngLion+90 Damage+120 Gold/Min+2 Mana Drain Multi Target+325 AoE Hex
+75 Cast Range+200 Finger of Death Damage+500 Health+1000 Earth Spike Range
Lone Druid icon.pngLone Druid+175 Attack Range+10 Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear Armor+40 Rabid Attack Speed Battle Cry Grants Spell Immunity
+250 Health-12s Savage Roar Cooldown-25s Battle Cry Cooldown0 Entangle Cooldown
Luna icon.pngLuna+200 Cast Range+24 Lunar Blessing Damage+100 Lucent Beam Damage+0.25s Eclipse Lucent Ministun
+20 Attack Speed-4s Lucent Beam Cooldown+10 All Stats25% Lifesteal
Lycan icon.pngLycan+20 Damage12% Cooldown Reduction+16% Feral Impulse Damage+3 Lycan Wolf icon.png Wolves Summoned
+5 Armor+8 Feral HP Regen+8s Shapeshift Duration+600 Howl Hero Health
Magnus icon.pngMagnus+200 Health+75 Shockwave Damage+500 Skewer Range+1s Reverse Polarity Stun Duration
+25 Attack Speed+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+12 Armor+20% Empower Damage/Cleave
Medusa icon.pngMedusa15% Evasion+20% Mystic Snake Mana Steal+2.5s Stone Gaze Duration Split Shot Uses Modifiers
+20 Damage+30 Attack Speed+700 Mana+7 Split Shot Target
Meepo icon.pngMeepo+20 Damage+40 Poof Damage15% Evasion-5s Poof Cooldown
+7 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength10% Lifesteal-4s Earthbind Cooldown+600 Health
Mirana icon.pngMirana+200 Health+100 Leap Attack Speed+25 Mana Break-70 Moonlight Shadow Cooldown
+15 Damage-5s Sacred Arrow cooldown+12% Spell Amplification+2 Multishot Sacred Arrows
Monkey King icon.pngMonkey King+20 Attack Speed+75 Jingu Mastery Damage+400 Primal Spring Damage+1 Wukong’s Command Ring
+300 Tree Dance Vision AoE+600 Tree Dance Cast Range+50% Boundless Strike Crit+100 Armor Wukong’s Command
Morphling icon.pngMorphling+350 Waveform Range+30 Attack Speed Waveform Attacks Targets+3 Multishot Adaptive Strike
+10 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility+15s Morph Duration Morph Targets Allies2 Waveform Charges
Naga Siren icon.pngNaga Siren+10% Mirror Image Damage+14 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+1 Mirror Image Illusion-6 Rip Tide Armor
+25 Movement Speed+15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility-5s Ensnare Cooldown30% Evasion
Nature's Prophet icon.pngNature’s Prophet+35 Movement Speed+4 Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treants Summoned-4s Sprout Cooldown2x Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treant HP/Damage
+30 Damage+10 Armor+40 Attack SpeedRemoved Teleportation Cooldown
Necrophos icon.pngNecrophos+10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+40 Death Pulse Heal+80 Attack Speed-2.5s Death Pulse Cooldown
+40 Damage+20% Ghost Shroud Slow+20% Magic Resistance+0.8 Heartstopper Aura
Night Stalker icon.pngNight Stalker+200 Mana+150 Cast Range+50 Damage-8s Crippling Fear Cooldown
+200 Health+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+45 Movement Speed+140 Hunter in the Night Attack Speed
Nyx Assassin icon.pngNyx Assassin+60 Gold/Min+35 Movement Speed+175 Impale Damage Vendetta Unobstructed Pathing
+6% Spell Amplification+325 Health+75% Spiked Carapace Damage+100 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
Ogre Magi icon.pngOgre Magi+100 Cast Range+300 Health+40 Bloodlust AS+275 Fireblast Damage
+90 Gold/Min+90 Damage+40 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+90 Movement Speed
Omniknight icon.pngOmniknight+75 Purification AoE+90 Damage+3 Mana Regen+3s Repel Duration
+90 Gold/Min+35% XP Gain-12% Degen Aura+200 Purification Damage/Heal
Oracle icon.pngOracle+25% XP Gain+120 Gold/Min False Promise Invisibility+2s False Promise Duration
+1s Fortune’s End Max Duration+150 Cast Range+65 Movement Speed-5s Fate’s Edict Cooldown
Outworld Devourer icon.pngOutworld Devourer+20 Attack Speed+15% Essence Aura Chance+2 Sanity’s Eclipse Multiplier15% Spell Lifesteal
+250 Health+35 Movement Speed+20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+60s Arcane Orb Int Steal
Pangolier icon.pngPangolier+25 Movement Speed+2s Rolling Thunder Duration+20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength-35s Rolling Thunder Cooldown
+1.5 Mana Regen2s Shield Crash CD in Ball+40 Swashbuckle Damage-3s Swashbuckle Cooldown
Phantom Assassin icon.pngPhantom Assassin+15 Damage+20% CleaveTriple Strike Stifling Dagger+25% Blur Evasion
+150 Health-4 Armor Corruption20% Lifesteal+5% Coup de Grace
Phantom Lancer icon.pngPhantom Lancer+20 Attack Speed+125 Spirit Lance Damage+4 Max Juxtapose Illusions+30% Critical Strike (2x)
10% Evasion+250 Health+500 Phantom Rush Range-7s Doppelganger CD
Phoenix icon.pngPhoenix+8% Spell Amplification+500 Health+1.25s Supernova Stun Duration+2% Max Health Sun Ray Damage
+90 Gold/Min+60 Fire Spirits DPS+1400 Icarus Dive Cast Range+3 Supernova Hit Count
Puck icon.pngPuck+5 Armor+50 Damage+40% Illusory Orb Distance/Speed Dream Coil Rapid Fire
+10 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence+8% Spell Amplification-8s Waning Rift Cooldown+420 Gold/Min
Pudge icon.pngPudge+35 Rot Damage+12% Rot Slow15% Cooldown Reduction+2.0 Flesh Heap Stack Str
+30% XP Gain13% Spell Lifesteal+180 Gold/Min+3s Dismember Duration
Pugna icon.pngPugna+225 Health+3 Nether Ward Health+2s Decrepify Duration+1.75 Netherward Damage Per Mana
+25 Movement Speed-1s Netherblast Cooldown+25% Life Drain Heal+200 Nether Blast Damage
Queen of Pain icon.pngQueen of Pain+10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+40 Attack Speed650 AoE Shadow Strike15s Spell Block
+25 Damage12% Cooldown Reduction30% Spell Lifesteal Scream of Pain 1.5s Fear
Razor icon.pngRazor+15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility+4% Unstable Current Movement Speed-0.1 Eye of the Storm Strike Interval-3s Unstable Current Interval
+200 Health+7 Static Link Damage Steal+10 Armor+100 Attack Speed
Riki icon.pngRiki+8 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility-7s Smoke Screen Cooldown+900 Blink Strike Cast Range Cloak and Dagger Doesn’t Reveal
+5 Health Regen+20% Critical Strike (1.5x)+0.20 Backstab Multiplier+400 Tricks of the Trade AoE
Rubick icon.pngRubick+60 Damage-45 Fade Bolt Hero Attack+300 Telekinesis Land Distance+75% Spell Amp For Stolen Spells
+200 Health+100 Cast Range+5% Null Field-15s Telekinesis Cooldown
Sand King icon.pngSand King+200 Health-50 Epicenter Attack Slow+4 Epicenter Pulses50% Sand Storm Slow and Blind
+25 Movement Speed+50 Sand Storm DPS+10 Armor+35 Health Regen
Shadow Demon icon.pngShadow Demon+30% XP Gain+25% Shadow Poison Damage-1.5s Shadow Poison Cooldown2 Charges of Disruption
Soul Catcher Creates Illusion On Death+35 Movement Speed-6s Soul Catcher Cooldown+500 Demonic Purge Damage
Shadow Fiend icon.pngShadow Fiend+20 Attack Speed+30 Movement Speed+150 Shadowraze Damage40% Cooldown Reduction
+8% Spell Amplification Presence Aura Affects Building+2 Damage Per Soul-5 Presence Aura
Shadow Shaman icon.pngShadow Shaman+20% XP Gain-5s Hex Cooldown+1 Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Wards Max HP+50 Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Wards Attack Damage
+200 Health+125 Cast Range+3s Shackles Duration+400 Ether Shock Damage
Silencer icon.pngSilencer+25 Attack Speed+2 Intelligence Steal+30 Arcane Curse Damage+2s Global Silence
+5 Armor+120 Gold/Min+125 Attack Range+20% Glaives of Wisdom Damage
Skywrath Mage icon.pngSkywrath Mage+8 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence+1 Arcane Bolt Per Cast+15% Ancient Seal Magic Resistance Reduction+600 Mystic Flare Damage
+25 Movement Speed-8s Ancient Seal CooldownGlobal Concussive Shot+300 Gold/Min
Slardar icon.pngSlardar+25 Damage+100 Bash Damage+1000 Night Vision Corrosive Haze Undispellable
+5 Health Regen+300 Health+50 Attack Speed+15% Bash Chance
Slark icon.pngSlark+8 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility20% Lifesteal+3s Pounce Leash+120s Essence Shift Duration
+10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+30 Attack Speed+150 Dark Pact Damage+1s Shadow Dance Duration
Sniper icon.pngSniper+20 Damage+25 Shrapnel DPS-1.5s Assassinate Cast Time+6 Shrapnel Charges
25% Cooldown Reduction+40 Attack Speed+35 Knockback Distance Headshot+125 Attack Range
Spectre icon.pngSpectre+15 Desolate Damage-10s Spectral Dagger Cooldown+20% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus+8% Dispersion
+5 Health Regen+8 All Stats+500 Health+40% Haunt Illusion Damage
Spirit Breaker icon.pngSpirit Breaker+5 Armor+40 Damage+400 Charge Speed+800 Health
+600 Night Vision+10 Health Regen+30% Greater Bash Damage+25% Greater Bash Chance
Storm Spirit icon.pngStorm Spirit+1.75 Mana Regen+400 Health+30 Attack Speed500 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning
+20 Damage+80 Static Remnant Damage+0.5s Electric Vortex Overload Pierces Immunity
Sven icon.pngSven+2 Mana Regen Storm Hammer Dispels Enemies-6s Storm Hammer Cooldown+1.25s Storm Hammer Stun Duration
+8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+30 Movement Speed25% Lifesteal+40 STR God’s Strength
Techies icon.pngTechies-4s Proximity Mines Cooldown+4 Mana Regen+150 Gold/Min+25 Mines Movement Speed
+30% XP Gain+300 Blast Off Damage+60 Movement Speed+251 Damage
Templar Assassin icon.pngTemplar Assassin+3 Psionic Traps+200 Psionic Trap Damage-4 Meld Armor Reduction+4 Refraction Instances
+25 Attack Speed+7 Armor Refraction Dispels Psi Blades Spill Paralyzes
Terrorblade icon.pngTerrorblade10% Evasion+25 Attack Speed-10s Reflection Cooldown+300 Metamorphosis Attack Range
+20 Movement Speed+300 Health+10 All Stats-35s Sunder Cooldown
Tidehunter icon.pngTidehunter+80 Gush Damage+25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction-5 Gush Armor+250 Damage
+25 Movement Speed+40% XP Gain+30 Kraken Shell Damage Block25% Cooldown Reduction
Timbersaw icon.pngTimbersaw+25% XP Gain+5 Reactive Armor Stacks10% Cooldown Reduction+1400 Timber Chain Range
+6% Spell Amplification+100 Damage+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+8% Whirling Death Attribute Reduction
Tinker icon.pngTinker+75 Cast Range10% Spell Lifesteal+8 March of the Machines Damage+0.3s Heat-Seeking Missile Ministun
+6% Spell Amplification+40 Movement Speed+10 Armor+100 Laser Damage
Tiny icon.pngTiny+30 Damage+125 Avalanche Damage Toss Requires No Target3 Toss Charges
+20% Magic Resistance+350 Health-7s Tree Grab CD-12s Avalanche Cooldown
Treant Protector icon.pngTreant Protector10% Cooldown Reduction2s Tree Respawn Time+40 Leech Seed Damage/Heal700 AoE Living Armor
+2 Living Armor Block Instances+90 Damage+2s Nature’s Guise Root+350 Eyes and Overgrowth AoE
Troll Warlord icon.pngTroll Warlord+250 Health+75 Whirling Axes Damage+50 Damage Battle Trance Dispels
+10 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility+3 Max Fervor Stacks20% Evasion-6s Whirling Axes Cooldown
Tusk icon.pngTusk+90 Gold/Min+150 Snowball Damage+100% Walrus Punch Crit-6s Ice Shards Cooldown
+40% XP Gain+350 Health+300 Snowball Speed12% Chance Walrus Punch
Underlord icon.pngUnderlord+30 Movement Speed+15 Atrophy Attack Bonus Damage From Heroes+20 Health Regen25% Firestorm Building Damage
+18 Firestorm Wave Damage+100 Cast Range+70 Attack Speed+0.8s Pit of Malice Root
Undying icon.pngUndying+8 Health Regen+50 Decay Duration+6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy-2s Decay Cooldown
+150 Cast Range Tombstone On Death+30 Undying Zombie icon.png Tombstone Zombie DamageGains Reincarnation 200 CD
Ursa icon.pngUrsa+8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+25s Fury Swipes Reset Time+16 Fury Swipes Damage Enrage gains 80% Status Resistance
+1.75 Mana Regen+16 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility+1.5s Enrage Duration+600 AoE Earthshock
Vengeful Spirit icon.pngVengeful Spirit-1 Wave of Terror Armor-6s Wave of Terror Cooldown+15% Vengeance Aura Damage Magic Missile Pierces Spell Immunity
+15% Magic Resistance+15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility-5s Magic Missile Cooldown+400 Magic Missile Damage
Venomancer icon.pngVenomancer+90 Gold/Min+6% Poison Sting Slow Gale Hero Impact Summons 2 Venomancer Plague Ward icon.png Wards3x Venomancer Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward HP/Damage
-8 Venomous Gale CD+200 Cast Range+7s Poison Nova Duration+800 Poison Nova AoE
Viper icon.pngViper8% Spell Lifesteal+6 Corrosive Skin Stats Poison Attack Affects Buildings+120 Damage
+20 Attack Speed+100 Attack Range+100 Viper Strike DPS Nethertoxin Silences
Visage icon.pngVisage+30 Damage Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets+80 Visage Familiar icon.png Familiars Movement Speed+1 Visage Familiar icon.png Familiar
+125 Cast Range+40% XP Gain+15 Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge-2s Gravekeeper’s Cloak
Warlock icon.pngWarlock+150 Cast Range-7s Shadow Word Cooldown300 Shadow Word AoEMagic Immunity for Warlock Golem icon.png Chaotic Offering Golems
+5% Fatal Bonds Damage+60% XP GainSummons a Warlock Golem icon.png Golem on Death+20 Warlock Golem icon.png Chaotic Offering Golems Armor
Weaver icon.pngWeaver+35% XP Gain+75 Shukuchi Damage+2 Swarm Attacks to Kill+1 Geminate Attack
+20 Mana Break+12 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength+0.5 Swarm Armor Reduction+200 Shukuchi Movement Speed
Windranger icon.pngWindranger+30% Windrun Slow+100 Attack Range Windrun Grants Invisibility30% Cooldown Reduction
+1.75 Mana Regen+100 Powershot Damage+1s Shackleshot Duration+35% Ministun Focus Fire
Winter Wyvern icon.pngWinter Wyvern+60 Damage+500 Night Vision-5s Cold Embrace Cooldown Splinter Blast 2s Stun
+90 Gold/Min+350 Health+15% Arctic Burn Slow+1.5s Winter’s Curse Duration
Witch Doctor icon.pngWitch Doctor+5 Armor+120 Gold/Min+1 Maledict Tick+75 Unknown Unit icon.png Death Ward Damage
+75 Damage+2 Cask Bounces+125 Unknown Unit icon.png Death Ward Attack Range+1.5% Max Health Voodoo Restoration
Wraith King icon.pngWraith King+20 Attack Speed+35 Unknown Unit icon.png Skeletons Attack Damage2x Unknown Unit icon.png Skeletons Spawned Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire Blast
+1.5s Wraithfire Blast Slow Duration+15 Strength attribute symbol.png StrengthNo Reincarnation Manacost+25% Vampiric Aura Lifesteal
Zeus icon.pngZeus+25% XP Gain+1.5% Static Field Damage+0.5s Lightning Bolt Ministun+170 Arc Lightning Damage
+6 Armor+30 Movement Speed15% Cooldown Reduction+275 Cast Range

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